Aquamentus is a unicorn/dragon that appers in the legend of zelda and oracle of seasons. It`s size might be intimidating  the means to beat it are simple just aim for the horn and repeat. 

Legend of zeldaEdit

It first appers in the legend of zelda as the first boss it is not that hard to beat once you know what to do. It`s attacks by sometimes shooting three fire balls and  bumping into link but with how slow the bulky unicorn/dragon moves the attack is not much of a threat. To beat it you must shoot arrows or bombs at it`s horn a few times and the unicorn/dragon is defeated.  

Oracle of seasonsEdit

Its returns in oracle of seasons still as the first boss and still being easy to beat.It has one new attack witch is charging at link witch does med damage. The means to beat it stay the same just aim arrows or bombs at its horn and once the horn is  gone its power drains and the beast is slain.