Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit



"Somehow Shandor's cult, guided by Ivo himself, disvovered a way to lure a young Slor from its own hell dimension into our own world. More impressively they also managed to imprion that Slor within a ghostworld pocket at the heart of Shandor's island mansion. Fueld by hatred, bile and anger and assisted by mechanical monstrosities of Shandor's own design, this captive Slor serves as the powerful guardian of the Lost Island's dimension-aligning orrery machinery".


Attacks: during the beginning he summons a number of robotic eyes that shoot laser beams at you, vomits black slime at you, lunges at you occasionaly.

Weak point: glowing spot on top of the head

Tip's: run close to it but dash away when it's ready to lunge.