Ivo shandor

Tobin's Spirit Guide EntryEdit

Though his early history is problematic and open to debate, it is known that Ivo Shandor was a medical doctor who performed a lot of unnecessary surgery as well as an architect of some renown. After World War I, Shandor decided that society was too sick to survive. On June 6th 1920, he started a secret society of Gozer worshipers, numbering nearly 1000, dedicated to bringing about the end of the end of the world. It is now known that Shandor and his followers researched heavily into the paranormal, especially in areas of pre-apocalism and ectoplasmic hybridology. During the same time. Shandor apparently also made some serious connections within the Gozarion pantheon because, following his death, he has undergone a complete transformation and has under gone a complete transformation and has become a major Gozerian power himself.


1st form.Summons flying skulls, creates a sheild that launches a powerful energy pulse.

2nd form.Summons flying skulls, throws a huge boulder at you, creates