The Lagiacrus is a deep blue colored it has two horns on it's head it's neck like a cobra. But it's most distinguishing feature is the dermal spikes on it's back and are supposedly able to charge lightning.

Battle Info

if you are doing the quest that involves you to drive it away then you should get the full set of Barroth Armor because it is helpful against his lightning attacks,and it give's you high defense. You should either have a durable 450^ damage hammer, or a 200^ lance if you like protection more. After that you go the cat chef and get hi-health foods. during the quest he will be in area 5 when you see him move either to his tail or body(preferably body if you are using a hammer). Than you just whale on him until he attacks then just do it all over again. after a while he will retreat to area 10 and enter the water there he is faster so be prepared to be dodging alot, other than that just do what you did in area 5. The other time's you battle him all that will change is that he has much more health and has upped lighting powers during rage mode. (Note Be sure to bring 10 herbs,10 potions,5 rations, and all the bombs you can carry.


his main attack on land is just running at you but it wont cause much damage. His other favorite attack is when he rears up his head and shoot's a lightning ball out of his mouth. his other attacks are his sideways slide which causes moderate damage. he also will swing his neck around and curling up and lashing his tail. he will also jump sometimes. His water attacks are almost the samew except that he will rush at you. His most dangerous attacks happen when he is in a rage. one of them he slides sidewards and a 2nd time. the other is when he shoot's his lightning balls.


his equipment is as follows:Lagiacrus Helm, Lagiacrus chest, Torrent Axe, and Lagiacrus Greaves.