Pappy sargassi

pappy sargassi

Tobin's Spirit Guide entryEdit

Descending from a long, proud line of seafarers and fisherman. Pappy Sargassi attempted to avoid the notoriously unlucky early deaths on the water that plagued his family by pursuing a more landlocked career. in 1950 he opened a restraunt,Sargassi's, and attempted to turn his back on the sea. In latter years he overcame his fear of the water and took up fishing. His familly's curse caught up with him or he was the unluckiest fisherman who ever lived and he died chocking on a fish stick while being eaten by a great white shark.


1. He is seen shortly after capturing Slimer.

2. He destroys the stair case by reeling it in using his fishing rod.

3. He creates a tidal wave flooding the floor your on.

4. Time to fight.


Strategies: Use dashing to avoid his attacks.

Attacks: fishing rod shot, charges at you, and near the end of the battle inhabits a kitchen golem.