Spider witch originsEdit

Spiderwitch 1

spider witch

The Spider witch is likely a killer discovered by Shandor while he was doing renovations at the Sedgewick. Also due to the manager at the Sedgewick description of the murder's it's possible that she was a monster before death buy it could also just mean that she was doing it as ritual for Shandor.


1.The Spider Witch is first seen walking with a residual echo holding a knife behind her back.

2.She is next seen with the echo from before in the elevator

3.She is later heard murdering the echo.

4.Time for the battle


Strategy:make shure she dosen't sneak up on you

Attacks:Early in the battle after causing a set amount of damage she will attach herself to one of the large cocoon's to regain health. She will also attack you with her front legs. Near the end of the battle she will start to summon spider crawlers.

Tobins Spirit Guide EntryEdit

This anonymous woman (the authorities never discovered her identity) spent several years in the 20's living in the Hotel Sedgewick. There, for purposes only known to herself and to her master. Ivo Shandor, she lured men into her rooms and then murdered them (though it's uncertain if they were killed before or after they were hung from the ceiling and drained of their blood). As a reward for her efforts as a member of his inner circle. after her death. Shandor used his substantial powers to 'elevate' her, creating the Spider Witch. Now a terrifying spider-human fusion., she and her insect-like minions protect Shandor's interests in the strange, twisted plane that exists immediately between our world and the ghostworld.