The Chairman

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The chairman seems to be the most powerful of Ivo Shandors board of Trustees. Ingame he was the gaurdian of the second mandala node which is in the museum. In the styalized version his place is held by the Black Slime T-Rex.

Tobin's Spirit Guide entryEdit

"Shandor and his cult made many powerful connections. perhaps none more so than NYC's most powerful business leaders and power brokers. Shandor used his dark abilities to help each of them in some state of their careers, and they were indebted to him. They came together publicly as trustees of the Natural History Museum, and privately misused their influence to help Shandor implement and maintain his Mandala throughout the city.

When they died. each of them returned as guardians to the mandala. and the Natural History Museum in particular. Their closeness to Shandors's evil regenerated them to ectoplasmic entities. The Chairman (formerly Cornelus Wellesy. Chairman of International Steel). Wielded the most power when alive and likewise is the most powerful in death becoming one of Shandors mightiest servants."


1.The chairman is first encountered during a cutscene where he kidnappes Ilysa.

2.He is seen again after you start pursuing him.

3.He is seen again after animating several egyptian statues.

4.He is seen again animating another set of statues

5.He is seen again once again trying to kidnap Ilysa but is thwarted by the ghostbusters

6.It's time to finally fight him.


Strategy: you just got a new weopen use it!

Weak spot: glowing eye in the center of the chest.

Attacks: 1.Submerges self in black slime and in doing so creates black slime portals which you must


2.Launches shock blast like beams