Gray lady

Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

Dr. Eleanor Twitty was the head librarian of the New York Public Library and overseer of its collection of ancient artifacts, stone tablets, and thought-forgotten parchments. In March !924, Dr. Twitty went missing. The New York Police Department made every effort to find her, including room-to-room searches of the underground library stacks where she was last seen. but she was never found. Alive., that is. Now she wanhders the stacks of the New York City Public Library still organizing books and keeping louder library patrons shushed with a bony finger to the lips. By most appearances she is still the same quaint and gentel-looking woman she was in life. Aggravate her however, and she will transform into a rage-filled horror and heaven help you if you have any over due books


Tips: if it wasn's already obvious when she makes the sheild take out the codex's

Attacks: Screech attack, makes a sheild, and summons book bats.